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IOS WINBOX download has been repaired, IOS users can now download WINBOX.

Download WINBOX Application Installation Tutorial

Follow the picture instruction and download the WINBOX application easily in a few simple steps.

1. First click "IOS Download"

2. Click to download "TestFlight"

3. Click "Get"

4. Click "Install"

5. Enter your "IOS account password"

6. Open "TestFlight"

7. Click "Continue"

8. Terms and Conditions Click "Accept"

9. Click "Download Application"

10. Click "Install"

11. Click "Open"

Congratulations on your completion of the IOS WINBOX download.

WINBOX games are supported by Android and IOS

WINBOX has 30% of IOS users in Malaysia, so WINBOX has always maintained a friendly relationship with IOS. Just to bring more platform choices to WINBOX users in Malaysia. Any IOS or Android user can download WINBOX application and open the phone anytime and anywhere to win huge prizes in the game.

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